Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Black Hole and Island Hopping

The "Black Hole" consists of having to get people over onto the other side, without touching a single part of the hoop. It's an initiative to establish trust and stability between each other respectively. We as a class quickly made sense of the challenge given to us, and we promptly lifted each other out onto the other side carefully, keeping safety at height of priority. It took about one class period, realistically speaking, if we had enough time on the first day of the initiative. Furthermore, when being challenged with "Island Hopping" the demeanor of the class shifted onto outside influences, ignoring the task at hand. With a few more days and a re-centralizing of focus, we gradually began to succeed and the momentum we picked up on the day before spilled into the fourth day and we finally succeeded, of course with the work of team work. First one would swing across on the rope, land in the first hoop, and finally step on the other people's feet to avoid touching the red which was "acid". The latency and time taken for the initiatives to be finished was evidence to defend the idea that our teamwork was great and we can now go onto rockclimbing.